Motors and Actuators for Military/Aerospace Systems

Sierramotion Application Solutions

Sierramotion motor and actuator designs for space and defense include special materials, processes and performance. Most applications require operation at -50° to +70°C ambient temperatures. This requires correct materials inside the motor and may drive certain magnet materials and magnet compositions, some of which cannot be used in Space and may disintegrate over time.

Thermal design is the most important factor under these environmentally challenging applications. Having a good thermal model for the motor and understanding how materials interact to ensure the motor will survive. The only way to have success is to build from previous experience taking requirements and turning them into solutions.

Space Vehicles

Space vehicles

  • Space rated motors and actuators handling radiation as well as vacuum
  • Gantry systems for space including material and bearing selection for wide environmental requirements
  • Satellite Communications

    Satellite Communications

  • Direct drive traction with high torque transverse flux
  • Gearmotor driven actuators for vehicle tracks
  • High torque frameless motor integration with precision gearing for ultimate in low weight high torque drives
  • Robot actuators for arms and payload optimization
  • Optics positioning for scanning and imaging
  • Imaging Systems

  • Direct drive gimbal motors and actuators
  • Limited arc motors for gimbal operation pan and tilt
  • High torque gimbal motors for IR imaging systems pan and tilt
  • Slow smooth motion for tracking systems and pointing systems
  • Satellite tracking ground based and mobile based
  • Satellite tracking and imaging from commercial and military aircraft with direct drive moving magnet ring motors
  • Defense Systems

    Defense Systems

  • Reproduction of obsolete motors and actuators
  • Redesign with latest materials to exact engineering specification
  • Direct drive turret motors for positioning large systems
  • Gimbal motors for gimbal systems used actively or as scanning imaging systems