Sierramotion Launches New Size Options for STSA Axial Flux Motor Series


STSA-Axial-Flux-Motors-New-Sizes (1)


Sierramotion, a division of Allient Inc., today announced expansion to its STSA Series of axial flux motors with new 100mm, 150mm and 283mm O.D. size variants.

STSA Axial Flux Motors are excellent for low profile applications such as moving cameras, gimbals and scanning or imaging systems. These motors are slotless and therefore have zero cogging torque. The STSA Axial Flux Motor is easy to manufacture and typically the lowest cost solution for direct drive rotation. The motor also scales to large diameters with a seamless transition to a modular construction. Motors with a diameter of 2 meters or greater are currently made by Sierramotion.

Sierramotion, located in Loomis, CA, a division of Allient, Inc, and reports in to the Allied Motion business unit. Sierrmotion is helping OEM customers pave new paths to differentiation and success by engineering solutions to today’s problems involving motorized electrified technology. The company’s technical team has a long history and experience solving unique problems and bringing new motor technologies coupled to precision mechanical systems to the market place. Let Sierramotion be an extension to your engineering team by designing, prototyping and producing your solution.