Sierramotion Expands STS Frameless Torque Motor Series


Sierramotion, a division of Allient Inc., has expanded its STS Series of frameless torque motors with new 38mm, 85mm and 165mm OD size options. 

STS Frameless Torque Motors are ideal for direct drive applications, as well as highly integrated precision gear applications. The motors all have optional windings for compatibility with voltages from 24 to 350 volts. Features include a low-profile form-factor and large aperture to house mechanical parts, wire feedthroughs, slip rings, or internal magnetic brakes. Ideal magnetic design results in minimal cogging torque without the need for skewing the magnetic field. 

Sierramotion, located in Loomis, CA, a division of Allient, Inc., is helping OEM customers pave new paths to differentiation and success by engineering solutions to today’s problems involving motorized electrified technology. The company’s technical team has a long history and experience solving unique problems and bringing new motor technologies coupled to precision mechanical systems to the market place. Let Sierramotion be an extension to your engineering team by designing, prototyping and producing your solution.